Why train-the-trainer

Led by Fail Forward’s CEO and Founder, Ashley Good, our Train-the-Trainer program trains YOU to deliver workshops that turn the experience of failure on its head, making it insight-rich, highly memorable and impactful, and even fun!

If you consult to other organizations, help your clients  improve their relationship with failure and foster learning and innovation by expanding your credentials, breadth of services, and expertise to include Fail Forward content.

If you facilitate internal training programs at your organization, certification as a Fail Forward facilitator increases your credibility, expertise, and value to the business. Not only is Train-the-Trainer the most cost-effective way to deliver Fail Forward workshops to your people, it also signals that you have the aptitude internally to Fail Intelligently.


Build expertise in the theory and practice of Intelligent Failure.

Create incredible learning experiences for your clients and colleagues by learning to facilitate Fail Forward’s most popular workshops on your own.

Join the global community of Fail Forward facilitators to continue your learning and growth.

training topics covered

Domain expertise
Failure 101

How to deliver the workshop

Practice delivering the workshop

Influence and sales
Materials and know-how for selling the workshop

Facilitator requirements

  • Finds the topics of failure, and failing intelligently, fascinating

  • Believes they can make an impact on organizational challenges

  • A passion for developing the capability of others

  • Presentation energy to keep a room engaged

  • Invested in the success of their sessions in a way that builds their personal brand

next public train-the-trainer

Monday june 15, 2020

9 AM to 1 PM EDT

Please register by May 14, 2020 to allow time for 10 hours of pre-learning through our Failure 101 self-study course.

Contact us to learn more or arrange a customized Train-the-Trainer program for your organization.

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"With numerous Aha! moments and takeaways, the Train-the-Trainer program was a great addition to my work as a Lean practitioner. Failure really is a powerful place to begin, and Fail Forward has a well-curated body of work to help you steer yourself and others down this often difficult but incredibly rewarding path."

“This train the trainer was exactly what I needed to feel confident staring my own consulting practice. The course covers enough of the theoretical background to show that concepts are backed up by research, blended with plenty of practical content that clients will be able to apply right away to improve their ability to effectively learn from failure."


Principal and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Erica Lee Consulting


PhD Student researching how conservation teams learn from failure
Imperial College London