A smart risk with great reward

Failure is not just inevitable -- it's useful in the pursuit of agility and performance. In practice, however, we tend to avoid it. Failures that occur in the pursuit of innovation and improvement are acceptable, praiseworthy failures, which we need to distinguish from those caused by low skill or negligence. A Failure Report does this, genuinely turning the concept of performance on its head: you aren't under-performing if you fail; you're under-performing if you don't admit failure and share your learning.

Publishing a Failure Report shifts the way people see your organization - from both the inside and the outside.
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My perception of failure has grown in dimension since the concept of the failure report. I think I always saw it as an opportunity, but had never articulated it as such before. Now I think of the diverse possibilities that each instance of failure offers.

— Alden Hadwen, Aimia