Nothing is perfect but it is possible to use our inevitable failures to inspire innovation, and build the collaborative learning practices needed to become more competitive, effective and resilient organizations.

Organizations who Fail Forward know:

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade
The status quo is built on talking about successes, so when we openly acknowledge our failures we put ourselves at risk of being blamed and punished. But this intolerance of failure drives our learning underground. In order to make learning and adapting possible, we need to build a safe space to discuss failures openly and maximize the learning we gain from them.

Nothing great was ever achieved without taking a risk
Today’s increasingly complex problems require increasing levels of innovation. Innovation is risky because, by definition, it is untested. Just as investors accept a higher level of risk in order to generate higher financial returns, organizations must accept higher levels of failure during the process of developing increasingly innovative solutions.

Failure is strength
It is always the strongest organizations with the most effective programs that are able and willing to speak openly about their failures.

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