Sharing Failures for Learning Workshop

Start the conversation. Participants engage in interactive activities to strengthen their ability to tell and listen to failure stories; create an environment that enables sharing; and explore how to apply these skills to reframe failures as opportunities.

Intelligent Failure Training
Half Day

Dive in and explore a deeper understanding of what Intelligent Failure means in your unique context. Through hands-on, interactive activities, participants engage with peers to foster ideas for dealing with failure productively in ways that align with organizational needs and resources. With tangible skills, insights, and actions, participants walk away ready to help organizations fail better.

Intelligent Failure Training
3 Half Days

Commit to a shift in organizational culture. To begin, we must start a conversation to expand perceptions of failure, and to arrive at a common language for discussing failure more productively within your unique context. Next, we build essential skills, focusing on the core competencies needed for Intelligent Failure. Finally, we truly build culture change: developing tools and processes that are embedded in existing organizational structures in order to formalize the practice of Intelligent Failure and make it tangible.


Interested in becoming an accredited Fail Forward facilitator? Our train-the-trainer program focuses on the foundations of failing intelligently, providing our trainers with the knowledge and skills they need to deliver Fail Forward content in a variety of contexts. Our customized program comes with robust facilitation guides, resource materials, and personalized support and feedback. Once accredited, trainers are invited to join the global community of Fail Forward facilitators to continue their learning. 

After the Fail Forward workshop things changed. There was a big failure that week and when it came up the discussion focused on what was learned instead of gripes and complaints.

—  Coonoor Behal, Deloitte GovLab